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Worship Updates

Dear Saint Lucas Family,

The Reopening Committee and Saint Lucas Leadership are pleased to announce the phasing out of our COVID-19 mitigation practices.

The public health steps that were taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have now succeeded to the extent that as of June 1st the city of Milwaukee has dropped all health mandates.  Because of this, the wearing of masks and social distancing will no longer be required at worship services.  Members who would prefer to continue wearing a mask and distance are welcome to continue to do so.

Additionally, we will no longer be cleaning pews after services.  According to the CDC. the primary mode of infection by COVID-19 is through respiratory droplets.  The risk of spread by surface contact is “generally considered to be low”.

Even though the Milwaukee mandates have been completely lifted, there will still be some aspects of worship that will remain as they were during the COVID-19 restrictions for the time being.  They are as follows:

Worship services times and formats:

  • Saturday 5 p.m. traditional
  • Sunday 9 a.m. traditional and live-streamed
  • Sunday 11 a.m. blended.

A select number of pews toward the back of church will continue to be spaced every other pew to allow for those that would prefer to remain distanced.  At this time, children under the age of 12 cannot receive a vaccine and therefore families with young children may feel more comfortable maintaining distance.

For the time being, communion distribution will remain as is with the sanitizing station and individual cups placed on the stands as you approach the front.

Also, for the time being, offering baskets will remain at the entrances of church and will not be passed during the service.

Hymnals and Bibles will be available at the back of church and at the handicapped entrance for those who would like to use one or both during the worship service.  You are welcome to bring your own if you would like.

Lastly, in Christian love, let us all respect the choices made by our fellow worshipers.  Let the fruits of the Spirit be evident at Saint Lucas as we regard each other with love, peace, gentleness, kindness, and patience.  Let us be quick to be gracious as the Lord Jesus has been gracious to us.

We will keep you posted as other changes are made.


In His service,

Saint Lucas Leadership and Reopening Committee


St Lucas Lutheran Church - FaithStreet

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2 Year Reading Plan of the Bible (NIV 1984)

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