Above all, enjoy this time in conversation with God – whether by yourself or with family members, young and old. 

Don't save Jesus for Sundays! Let's help our children to develop a personal relationship with their Savior. Here are six simple ways to bring faith into focus for families every day of the week: "Jesus Every Day."
Listed below are some resources you might consider using for family devotions.  Links are provided when available.
  • Here are eight weeks of devotions for families with young children that were specifically written for the weeks of home quarantine and continue to remain relevant. 
  • Christian hymn books usually include daily prayer services that have been handed down to us from the early days of the Christian church.
  • This Spending Time with God at Home template could be adapted for family use.

Start simply. Jesus welcomes us when we come to spend time with him. He does not feel impatient with our efforts nor does he want us to feel that way. Begin with prayer, ask the Spirit to bless your time together and cover it all with God’s love and God’s good humor.


Some thoughts on cultivating a successful devotional time together as a family from Christian author, Sally Clarkson:
 “Family devotions can be a very useful device.....Little by little we accustomed our children to sitting still and listening and even participating in family devotions. We did it day after day; it was a part of their lives. 
One important thing that [we] learned ... was that our attitude makes a huge difference. If we want our children to enjoy participating in devotions and to learn God's Word joyfully, then they must sense that these are important to us personally. ... We have to lead the way.”
The complete Sally Clarkson article can be found here.